I was working yesterday. It was a Saturday morning. A dreaded Saturday morning. Saturday’s are usually busy and somewhat terrible. As I was attempting to manage chaos I looked up to see a long line. Half way down the line something caught my eye. I stared for a second and thought, “He looks a lot like Andrew Peterson.” I made sure to move towards the registers so I could take his order.  He ordered a tall coffee and bacon gouda breakfast sandwich. As a standard practice we write the name of the sandwich on a bag and give it to a barista to cook. My co-worker wrote “bacon goudah” on the bag. He looked at me and said, “Did I spell that right?” I said, “No, but I like it!” Then I looked up at Andrew Peterson, flashed a smile and thought, “You should write a song about this.” That perhaps may be one the lamest ideas I’ve thought and the song would be short and stupid, but hey, I was a little starstruck. Anyways, he left and went outside. Around that time I told an employee that I was convinced that Andrew Peterson just came in. She said that it wasn’t him. I went to the back and wrote this on twitter:

I then stalked him down. His website told me that he would be in Birmingham that day. I knew it! I went back out to work and I told my friend it was him. He then walked back in the store and I sheepishly said, “Are you Andrew Peterson?” He said, “Yes. I just replied to your tweet.”

We then spoke for about 42 seconds and he left. My friend and I were so excited. In hindsight the whole thing was quite silly, but awesome. I’m holding out hope that I will one day make it into one of his songs. Look out for songs that mention stalker, bacon, twitter or goudah.