This week I was tidying up the ole computer. Shockingly, I got distracted by a photo editing website. I honestly did do some cleaning, but I mostly edited photos.

A statue in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is the top of a church in Sofia...I think.

Written on the back of a sign in Sofia!

I loved this park in Sofia. I loved the old men playing chess and I also loved the colors!

While walking down a street in Sofia I saw this little stand! Check out all the colors!

My Dad's B'day!

Merry Christmas from Max!

fa la la la

Making Christmas plates with mom!

Happy B'day Josie! I love these ladies!

During one of my few photo challenges of 2011 I had to take a self portrait. I really love the curl in my hair... and it will never happen again:(


I snapped this while attending a tornado benefit.

Hair Wars 2011!

My crazy friend Lindsay holding the spoons that we use while barista-ing to her eyes!