Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesday’s are special to me. I’m typically off work and it’s typically my Sabbath. I spend the morning at a favorite local coffee shop enjoying some coffee while reading through scripture and processing through previous week. Sometimes I’m there for hours…one time I was there for 6 hours! Then I usually eat a packed lunch in my parents back yard or on top of the bluff. After that I will do anything from being creative to playing in the grass with the dogs to simply resting. Usually I sit on the screened in porch as the sun goes down. It’s a great day. I look forward to them every week.

About 3 weeks ago my ability to sleep at night dissipated. Sometimes I don’t even go to sleep. If I happen to fall asleep I will awake at 2:30am every night! As a result of this wacky sleep pattern I’ve started to get the occasional terrible headache. On Monday night of this week I slept for 4 hours, woke up at 2:30am and pretty much stayed up. On Tuesday I tried to do my normal Tuesday routine, but it wasn’t the same. I wasn’t as engaged as usual. I tried, but my head simply hurt too badly. By 5:00pm I was in bed, under the covers, lights off with an ice-cold wash clothe over my eyes. At around 7:00pm I got out of bed determined to enjoy the last little bit of my day. I went and sat on the screened in porch. My head wasn’t pounding quite as badly. I was sad. I was sad that the day was coming to an end and honestly I was in a foul mood.

Laughter may be most favorite thing in the whole entire world. I also love Conan O’Brien. While sitting on the porch I pulled out my laptop and watched this video. I’ve posted it before and I will again.

jeggings <– Please click here to watch video. WordPress and I are not getting along and it’s refusing to display the video!

Tuesday was an unusual Sabbath. Conan O’Brien is really never a part of it, but in all seriousness I experienced a little bit of grace as I laughed until I cried while watching that video. Smiling and laughter helped me to feel a little better. I was then able to sit on the porch, eat my dinner and read. The day ended much better than I expected.

*Side note. One evening around a year ago I was up late watching Conan when the “Jeggings” episode aired. I was laughing so hard that I was first silent, then half screaming/half crying. My roommates quickly came into the living room to see what occurring. Laughing is medicine to my soul.