Stop what you are doing, swing by Starbucks and pick up an iced green tea lemonade. Then come and join me on my porch. This weather is perfect. I’m currently reading this for Sunday School.

Today I’m thankful for screened in porches, green tea and friends!

I’m really behind on posting my photo challenge pictures. I will do that soon. One of the reasons that I’m behind is that my wallet was stolen. It’s possible that it is simply lost, but the circumstances are sketchy and it’s looking more and more like it was stolen. For the last few days I’ve been on the phone with credit card companies, banks and insurance companies. I’ve been standing in lines at the DMV. I’ve been at the bank changing all of my information. Blarg. I will say though, God is using this for his glory. How, you might ask? Well, if you want to know ask me and I’ll tell you. I can’t really post the details on the interwebs, but let’s just say that our God is creative and He knows what He is doing!

On Monday evening I walked into Vera Bradley. My wallet contained a hefty gift card to that store. I wanted to see if there was anyway we could retrieve it. I was already anticipating disappointment and sure enough they cannot recover lost gift cards. I began perusing their wallet section I was quickly overwhelmed. I started analyzing each wallet and wondering which wallet would be more or less likely to be stolen because I am now paranoid. I finally decided on a small little wristlet. I walked up to pay and I found out that the sales lady had already taken care of it. She simply said, “I hope this makes your day better! I really hope your wallet turns up!” My eyes filled with tears. I told her that I had spent the whole day in lines and on the phone. I was so thankful for her kindness! Her good deed most definitely brightened my day!

Falling Slowly is song by a band called The Swell Season. The song is on the soundtrack from a movie that I simply love called Once. Anytime you want to watch it you let me know and I will join you! I really do enjoy this song and I hope that you do too!