While in Chicago we went to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. I can’t recommend this enough. I, of course, was unable to take pictures while inside the museum, but I took some outside of the building. Most of these pictures are from a fountain that honors people who helped save Jewish people during the Holocaust.

I love the intentionality of the architecture. Visitors enter the dark side, where dark walls and sharp angles represent “the descent into darkness.”

The “hinge” of the building is an awe-inspiring Book of Remembrance, and is the memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust. The “cleave” formed by the hinge between dark and light, houses an authentic early 20th century German rail car that serves as the museum’s anchor artifact.

The third part of the building “ascends into the light.” The soft rounded edges and rooflines filled with natural light emphasize exhibits that represent the rescue and renewal of survivors of the Holocaust.

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