You know how I stay up on the newest most poshest places in B’ham, right? Well, I don’t. But Friday I did go to two of Birmingham’s newest sensations. In honor of my friend Josie’s birth we went to El Barrio.

Our lives changed over watermelon margaritas and ribs.

I am not a ribs fan at all, as a matter of fact I’ve probably only ever had 3 bites in my entire life. I’m convinced that the ribs were delivered to our plates directly from heaven. After leaving El Barrio we went to Steelcity Pops and enjoyed fancy popsicles.

Julie and Josie enjoying popsicles! Josie picked the pineapple jalapeno!

Josie and I then wandered around a bookstore and then watched Moonrise Kingdom.

I give Moonrise Kingdom two thumbs up! If you like The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic or Rushmore you may dig it too!

On Saturday I made homemade dog treats. True story. The pups loved them. I would like to insert that I don’t think I’m the kind of crazy pet owner that has pictures of their dogs on their mousepads and I don’t give my dogs pedicures, except that I kind of want to, so maybe I am that person.

Anyways, I finished the night with an ice-cold Fresca and The Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family. Perfect.

Sunday I went to church. After church I saw this quote on Pinterest. I’ve been in two and a half years of transition and experienced many ups and downs, this was just good to hear.

Sunday evening we continued celebrating Josie with a dinner at Cajun Steamer.

After an intense battle with a yellow jacket I spent the night wearing my beverage. By the end of the night I was tired from laughter. What a fun weekend! It was just what the doctor ordered.