Science: I love the sky.

Yesterday I left work at 2:00pm for a nice long 15 day vacation. On my way home I enjoyed a iced green tea while cementing my afternoon plans in my mind: read and nap before meeting friends for dinner. After reading and a failed nap due to the iced tea, I walked outside to this sky.

I turned around to catch the last few minutes of this rainbow.

I very firmly feel that everyone should stop what they are doing when a rainbow appears in the sky. I love enjoying that beautiful apparition that appears between a storm and the light. It made my day. I’m always reminded of God’s faithfulness and his curious love for me. And then just as quickly as it occured it was gone, but I was left with a great reminder of God’s promises.

On my way to this dinner with my friends and sangrias…

this is the sky I saw.

I love a day like this. Beauty and friends…now that’s the life.