1. I made this recipe for the wonderful family that I live with. Mmmmmmm. I will be making them again.

2. I made this recipe too. And they were good.

3. I have a sinus infection and an ear infection. I don’t actually feel that bad. Since I’m a little sick I wanted soup. I made this soup because I had almost all of the ingredients in the pantry. I didn’t use cream. I just used 4 cups of 1% milk instead of 2 cups of 2% milk and 2 cups of cream. I’m sure I missed on the richness, but I didn’t miss the calories. I also added some red pepper flakes, it didn’t really make it spicy, just added depth of flavor.

4. I re-read “Ethan Frome” this week.

“He had always been more sensitive than the people about him to the appeal of natural beauty.”

“The sight made him unhappy, and his unhappiness roused hit latent fears.”

5. This morning I used over 300 grande hot lids. That means I made well over 300 hot drinks. Yep. It felt like a war in there.


***The pictures of the recipes are all lovingly borrowed from the websites that I linked***