Occiasionally I have this lingering thought. I have a blog. Then shame slowly washes over me. Blogs are hard to keep up with. That’s right, I just ended a sentence with ‘with.’ Should that even be in quotes? I don’t know. Deep breath, let it go.

Today I’m thinking about humor. I’m a funny person. I’ll admit it. It’s a natural and easy thing for me. But from time to time dread moves into my head. It sits on my brain like a unborn baby sits on its momma’s bladder. I recognize I have no foundation for that statement. Anyway, it sits there demanding my attention. It tells me that I’m one of those exhausting funny people. You know the type, the super duper extraverted non-stop talker who’s taking sideways glances at people making sure that they are laughing and not rolling their eyes. You see this person coming and you’re like crap, I’m gonna need a nap after talking to them. They exhaust you. I don’t think this is true of me. But, for whatever reason I’m feeling it today. I wish I could tell you what I want to say to my insecurity, but I’m a Christian who professionally tells people about Jesus, so it’s probably best not to put all of my thoughts into print. So, now I’m going to quote the great (debatable) Michael Jackson, “Lies run sprints, but truth runs marathons.” These are good words and today I’m thankful for them.