Why please.be.brave

Well. I’m tired of my old blog. I’ve wanted to update the old one for a while, months actually. But, for whatever reason I couldn’t use that old one. I imagine that it has something to do with the recent events in my life. Something about the blog simply seems old and out of date. I need a fresh start. So, I’m starting a new blog. I’ve been working on a title for months and every time an idea that I approved of popped in my head I would later discover that it was taken. So, this morning I decided to try words from favorite sayings, poems and verses. When I entered pleasebebrave and it came back clear I simply hit enter and started typing. This is the blogs namesake:

Source: grandparemington, via aftermath

Honestly, I don’t know what the intentions of this blog will be, I imagine it will be similar to the previous one. My only goal is to be stripped of pretense. I simply want to be myself. Whatever that looks like. I imagine it will be varied, sporadic and hopefully honest. Well…here goes.


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